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Dr. Elias Rubenstein is entrepreneur, author and lecturer. He studied „Leadership and Management“ and promoted in economics. Rubenstein founded the Hermetic Academy in 2013. In his capacity, he thereby promoted the teachings of the “Ageless Wisdom” to become accessible for a broad circle of interested people in the Hermetic World.

His publications and works comprise the doctrines and symbols of the Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Jewish and Christian Mysticism (Gnostisicm), spiritual Alchemy, Initiation and the mysteries of the Rosy Cross and Martinism.

Elias Rubenstein

Elias Rubenstein – The Power of Rituals
A lecture, translated from German, originally given by Elias Rubenstein in Vienna Austria (2018).


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Elias Rubenstein - Kabbalah - Tree of Life

THE TREE OF LIFE: The Kabbalah of Immortality

The Wisdom of Kabbalah offers amazing keys to achieve fulfillment at all levels. Elias Rubenstein leads you on an interesting journey to the secret tree of life. Find the answers to the most important questions of life and discover the exciting mystery of the Bible.

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The term “Hermeticism” comes from the name “Hermes.” In Greek mythology, Hermes is the intermediary between mind and matter. Hermeticism holds methods for unfolding spiritual abilities in order to understand the meaning of existence, to become connected with the spiritual light, and to build an inner, permanent relationship with the Creator of the All.

The Hermetic wisdom tradition has kept proven tools for the spiritual unfolding of mankind for thousands of years. It also holds verifiable answers to the most important, fundamental questions in life.

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