Hermeticism and Kabbala – Higher Aspects of Art

Elias Rubenstein

Hermeticism and Kabbala are ancient teachings of wisdom with a great amount of symbolism. Spiritual art is able to use this concepts and to uplift the recipient to higher dimensions of the reality.

The deliberate reduction to the essential or the absolute is commonly regarded as the major challenge in conceptual presentation. Color, form and scripture are key means for this purpose.

Black illustrates the absence of visible light, while white depicts the reflection of light. Their gradations can be experienced as gray. Black, white and gray are achromatic. Black and white denote the primal polarity. Gray can be interpreted as a conciliatory link between these two absolute opposites. Furthermore, gray has, by the by, its origins in blending bright complementary colors (such as red-green, blue-orange, yellow-violet). It can be assumed, that gray epitomizes the union of duality by the Holy Trinity and, thus, symbolizes relative harmony. In comparison, white is an allegory of the highest intangible and black of the deepest tangible matter. Geometry is a subdomain of mathematics. Geometrical forms can assist you with fathoming the systematic order and, thus, the harmony in the creation.

Scripture can be rated as the sublime gift of grace to mankind. It entails the potential to reveal a higher spiritual level for receptive human beings – as the legacy of the sacred characters of biblical allegories shows.

Kabbala Tree of Life


These three aspects (color, form and scripture) are powerful tools. They are used knowingly and unknowingly by ignorant people, in order to enslave their fellow human beings in painfully and also gloomily emotional, intellectual, psychological and physical prisons. By contrast, intelligent people apply the same tools to guide their fellow beings into the bright way to profound salvation and freedom. Since the beginning of time, the knowledge of color, form and scripture ranks among the treasures of the initiates of the ageless wisdom.

The term “Hermeticism” comes from the name “Hermes.” In Greek mythology, Hermes is the intermediary between mind and matter. Hermeticism holds methods for unfolding spiritual abilities in order to understand the meaning of existence, to become connected with the spiritual light, and to build an inner, permanent relationship with the Creator of the All.

The Hermetic wisdom tradition has kept proven tools for the spiritual unfolding of mankind for thousands of years. It also holds verifiable answers to the most important, fundamental questions in life.

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